Maclin or Pitta: Which Hurts Their Team Most?

Jeremy Maclin, #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Dennis Pitta, #88 of the Baltimore Ravens, have both suffered season-ending injuries.

Jeremy Maclin, #18 of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Dennis Pitta, #88 of the Baltimore Ravens, have both suffered season-ending injuries.

Training camps have just started in the National Football League and big name players are already going down with injuries.

The Philadelphia Eagles announced on Saturday that receiver Jeremy Maclin tore the ACL in his right knee.  Although it is not official, Maclin will most likely miss the entire season due to this injury.

Later in the day, Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta was carted off the practice field.  The team later announced that Pitta suffered a dislocated hip.  ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Pitta will most likely miss the entire season because of surgery.

With these recent season-ending injuries, that brings the question, which player’s injury will have a worse effect on their team?

Case for Maclin:

A first round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Jeremy Maclin has been a consistent performer in the Eagles offense and is entering his final season on his five-year rookie contract.

With Chip Kelly as the new head coach, Maclin was predicted to have a breakout year — due to Kelly’s offensive system from Oregon University.

Maclin will be such a huge blow for the Eagles because of his production.  He has the most receptions by an Eagle since 2009.

Wide receivers Jason Avant and Riley Cooper will most likely take Maclin’s spot on offense.

Both players must take advantage of the opportunity while most of the offense with rely on TE Brent Celek, WR DeSean Jackson and whomever the quarterback may be (Vick, Foles or Barkley).

Jackson, who was slotted as the star receiver for Philadelphia, was worse than Maclin last season.  Maclin was better in receiving yards, touchdowns, yards per game and receptions.

And with Jackson not being as consistent recently and the quarterbacks trying to win the position battle rather than getting acquainted with their receivers, losing Maclin for the entire season is terrible news for the Eagles.

Case for Pitta:

Dennis Pitta was primed for another great season with the Ravens after being spectacular in their run to the Super Bowl victory.

Pitta accounted for 669 receiving yards with 7 TD’s in the regular season.  As well as, 143 receiving yards and 3 TD’s in the postseason.

Joe Flacco‘s favorite receiver Anquan Boldin was traded to the 49ers during this past offseason, leaving Pitta to be his favorite option on offense in 2013.

Pitta has been very efficient for the team in his three pro seasons with the Ravens, which makes his injury a major loss.

The only good news about Pitta going down is that Ed Dickson will finally have his chance to emerge as starting tight end.

Dickson was fantastic in 2011 while putting up 528 receiving yards and 5 TD’s.

If he can repeat or do better than that, Dickson can certainly fill the pain that is currently in Ravens fans’ hearts.

Keep in mind, Baltimore will still have Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, backup tight end Billy Bajema and a huge assortment of rookie wide receivers.

My decision:

In my opinion, Jeremy Maclin is a bigger loss for the Eagles than Dennis Pitta for the Ravens.

While Dennis Pitta is fantastic for the Ravens, Ed Dickson is able to fill in for that spot and be efficient.  On the other hand, Jason Avant and Riley Cooper of the Eagles couldn’t possibly rack up the same numbers as Maclin.

With Nick Foles and Matt Barkley being the possible starting quarterback, Maclin would have brought in stability and a veteran presence for a rookie and second-year quarterback.

Also, Joe Flacco will be able to utilize what weapons he has better than Vick, Foles or Barkley would.

So with all that, Maclin will be a terrible loss for an already abysmal Eagles team.

What do you think?

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