Fantasy Football 2013: 10-Man League Draft Results


It was finally time for my first draft of the 2013 season of fantasy football.  Everyone was ready.  The computers were out, mock drafts were performed just hours before showtime and ranking sheets were being passed around.

It was that time again where every move you make is second guessed.  Every pick is thought out slowly as the clock rolls down.  And sleepers get picked over by the true fantasy aficionados.

While I have done almost every type of fantasy draft known to man, this happened to be my first ever 10-man standard league — not including mock drafts.

Just an hour before, our draft spots were released.  I had ended up with the eighth spot — one that I had hoped to end up with.

And as the owners rolled into our apartment and prepared themselves for the draft, I knew that fantasy football was back (and I was excited).

Round 1 – Pick 8- Trent Richardson, RB for Cleveland Browns

NFL: Washington Redskins at Cleveland BrownsWell obviously everyone knew that I was going to go with a running back for my first overall pick — unless I wanted to be like all those spammers who take Aaron Hernandez in their mock drafts.  The pick came down to Trent Richardson or Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles — both of whom had season-ending injuries late in last season.  And while Charles was higher ranked than Richardson, the inconsistency of Charles and the Chiefs’ signing of QB Alex Smith led me to draft Cleveland’s beloved sophomore.

Round 2 – Pick 12- Aaron Rodgers, QB for Green Bay Packers

250px-Aaron_Rodgers_2008_(cropped)Somehow Aaron Rodgers slipped back to me at the #12 spot in the second round.  Rodgers threw for 39 touchdowns, 4,295 yards and only 8 interceptions last year — which was a down year for the former MVP.  The 29-year-old quarterback has been a top-three QB in fantasy for five years running and it doesn’t seem like he is going anywhere anytime soon.  Rodgers is one of the most reliable, if not the most, fantasy players this year.

Round 3 – Pick 28- Frank Gore, RB for San Francisco 49ers

frank-goreWell I was first gunning for Bears RB Matt Forte at this pick to bolster by running back slot. However, Forte went two picks before my draft slot — which led me to draft the next best player, RB Frank Gore of the 49ers.  The one advantage about Frank Gore is his offensive line that is unmatched by almost no one in the league.  I look for Gore to get 1,200 yards and at least 8 touchdowns.

Round 4 – Pick 32-  Randall Cobb, WR for Green Bay Packers

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay PackersRandall Cobb is a legitimate candidate for being one of the best receivers in fantasy this season.  Not only that but his QB is Aaron Rodgers — who I also have, so when they connect, I’m going to be cashing in.  The young receiver should be the favored target this season due to the dismissal of WR Greg Jennings.  Cobb is a player that can do everything — from catching in the slot, going long or doing kick returns  (like Percy Harvin).  Plus he gave me a great team name — Corn on the Cobb.

Round 5 – Pick 48- Hakeem Nicks, WR for New York Giants

DIGIPIXHakeem Nicks really struggled last year through the thirteen games that he played — due to his injury on his left knee.  And while Nicks has really struggled with injuries in his four-year career, he has really looked healthy in the preseason.  Nicks has pretty good speed, hands and a toughness in the open field.  While it was a risk to go with an injured receiver, but Nicks has an top-10 WR upside — look at his 11 TDs in 2010 with QB Eli Manning.

Round 6 – Pick 52- Eric Decker, WR for Denver Broncos

8031497876_d2433d509d_oAt pick #52 I was hoping Detroit RB Reggie Bush would fall to me — due to his ability to be one of the best FLEX fantasy players this year.  However he was picked at #51 and I went with someone else who I liked a lot — WR Eric Decker.  Decker caught 13 TDs and had his first 1,000 yard season in 2012-13 with QB Peyton Manning and the Broncos.  Yes his workload will take a hit due to the emergence of WR Wes Welker on the team, but Manning loves to spread the ball — especially to slot receivers like Decker.

Round 7 – Pick 68- DeAngelo Williams, RB for Carolina Panthers

deangelo_williams_I decided to use my first bench spot to get my third running back in the fantasy draft this year.  While some may not be as high on Williams as I am, I think the injury of other Carolina RB Jonathan Stewart will really bring Williams to have a breakout season for the Panthers.  QB Cam Newton and vulture-RB Mike Tolbert might take some touchdowns and carries away from the 30-year-old, but Williams still has the ability to break off for some of his occasional long runs.

Round 8 – Pick 72- Greg Jennings, WR for Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota-Vikings-Greg-JenningsMichael Jenkins was the most successful receiver for the Vikings in the 2012-13 season.  He accumulated only 449 yards.  Jennings has successfully had more yards in 5 of his 7 seasons with the Green Bay Packers. And while it is safe to say that Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback than Vikings QB Christian Ponder, Ponder will be able to focus on his only star target.

Round 9 – Pick 88- Miles Austin, WR for Dallas Cowboys

New York Jets v Dallas CowboysThere originally was an argument over who was the best Cowboys receiver between Dez Bryant and Miles Austin — which Bryant has settled in at the #1 spot, Austin has sizzled with numerous injuries.  Austin is still a fantastic player who has great strength down the middle of the field.  If he can return to his ’09 form, this pick will make me very happy.

Round 10 – Pick 92- Ronnie Hillman, RB for Denver Broncos

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver BroncosWell this pick was pretty simple.  He fell back about 12 picks behind his original fantasy ranking for this season.  He also is in a committee decision for the starting running back position between rookie Montee Ball and himself — which means he is going to get some carries.  The 21-year-old running back has looked fantastic in both the training camps and preseason games — so hopefully I can get some production out of him.

Round 11 – Pick 108- Vincent Brown, WR for San Diego Chargers

brownVincent Brown is the obvious pick for one of my first sleeper picks.  Wide receiver Danario Alexander is out for the season and other Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd is questionable for week 1.  Brown has looked like a polished route runner in the preseason and showed some flashes of success in 2012-13 — until he went down with an injury.  In Mike McCoy‘s offense, Brown should be able to flourish.

Round 12 – Pick 112- Sam Bradford, QB for St. Louis Rams

sam-bradfordBradford has size, an above-average arm, good athleticism.  But in the past couple years, the receivers haven’t been good and the offensive line wasn’t solid at all.  Now the Rams have Jake Long watching Bradford’s right side, WR Tavon Austin, TE Jared Cook and other young additions.  The former #1 overall pick will probably have a breakout year and he will be on my team for backup situations.

Round 13 – Pick 128- Jared Cook, TE for St. Louis Rams

51b5220caf074.preview-300As I mentioned before, Jared Cook has a new team and new quarterback out in St. Louis.  I love Cook with Bradford throwing targets to him — back to back picks of the RAMS!  Not only does Cook have good hands, but he has freak athleticism. The tight end has a lot of upside and in recent history, Sam Bradford has used his big men a lot in the redzone.

Round 14 – Pick 132- Jonathan Dwyer, RB for Pittsburgh Steelers

130725205634-jonathan-dwyer-1-single-image-cutDwyer is a 229-pound bowling ball with surprisingly quick feet and 4.59 speed, so there’s no reason he should be so inconsistent.  But, he is.  Going into the fantasy draft, Jonathan Dwyer was supposed to be the starting running back for Pittsburgh.  Just after, the Steelers announced the depth chart — which had Dwyer all the way down at #3.  So the next day I decided to drop him for RB Danny Woodhead, who should get some carries in the injured backfield of the San Diego Chargers.

Round 15 – Pick 148- Rams D/ST

Washington Redskins v St. Louis RamsThe Rams were tied for first in the NFL with 52 sacks last season.  Yes the Rams don’t have that great of a run defense (18 running touchdowns), but I believe St. Louis will have just as good stats as last year.  Plus Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins always have the ability to return a pick six.  I think people are really underrating St. Louis’ defense.

Round 16 – Pick 152- Steven Hauschka, K for Seattle Seahawks

StevenHauschkaKickHauschka has been steady in his two years with the Seahawks, and now finds himself on the ground floor of a real growth opportunity.  With Russell Wilson at QB and Marshawn Lynch at RB, the Seahawks will certainly give Hauschka chances to hit field goals and extra points. I’m looking for a little more than 100 out of Hauschka this year.

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