The Face-Off Radio Show: Link and Info for Season 2-Episode 3




 4 pm to 5pm on Friday, September 27th 2013



News:    Mariano Rivera‘s retirement and his legacy

   EA Sports break-up with NCAA

Bud Selig‘s Retirement in 2014

MLB:    Robinson Cano‘s huge request for the Yankees

Most exciting player that was new face

Justin Verlander over Max Scherzer?

Soccer:    Champions League Coverage

Match-up Masterminds:  Who will win this battle?:

Lions WR Calvin Johnson or Bear CB Charles Tillman

College Football

NFL:    Coach Greg Schiano’s decision to start QB Mike Glennon

Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III and Ben Roethlisberger: What’s with them?

What’s with Alex Smith + Chiefs and Ryan Tannehill + Dolphins?

Fast Five:

Best NBA players at each of the five positions

Will Magic Johnson be our PG?

Who will be our center, Shaquille O’Neal or Wilt Chamberlain?

Player Personnel:

What leader would we want on our team?   Sidney Crosby?  Derek Jeter?

Who would we not touch with a three-foot pole?   Johnny Manziel?  Metta World Peace?

NBA Trade Center:

Josh is the GM of the Celtics, I am the GM of the Raptors.

We have 5 minutes to come up with a trade on the show.

Will Rajon Rondo or Rudy Gay be in the package?

MLB Commish:

Bud Selig will be retiring at the end of the 2014 season.

Josh and I can take over the rule of commissioner, but

the catch is that we can only change one thing each.

What will we do with so much power?


Check out the show everyone!

If you can’t catch it this week, tune in every Friday from 4-5pm!

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